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Thursday, 25 April 2013

Stalling Out in Spitalfields

Saturday mornings at the market are lovely , everyone meeting and greeting each other , its a very laid back atmosphere as traders unpack the cases and boxes .
The sun filters in through the glass roof and an aroma of freshly brewed coffee fills the air , the boys at Luxe getting ready for the first influx of customers .
People start to wander in and most dont know what is in the market , so eyes are bright and smiles are wide as they discover the treasure trove of stalls .

 Cake plates in dappled sunshine , some headed off to Scotland , some to Singapore to start a new chapter in thier history

Friday, 22 March 2013

Rather Nice

I set up my Etsy shop  last year and i have not used it to its best ,
My new spring resolution is to fill its shelves with my lovely cake / jewellery stands ,, and my other handmade items all from vintage finds
I love making my cake stands and get great feedback about them , but i dont "show case " them as i ought ,,,,
so April is the month for the rebirth of rather nice and my artist flair ,,,,,
This Pink one is one of my latest creations and is simply divine ,,,,, Pink Tuscan vintage china ,,, simple but stunning ,,
Rather Nice is going to be reborn , with my re born vigour to showcase my lovely creations

Tuesday, 5 March 2013

sepia photos ,,,,,,,,,,,

  1. sepia , how romantic and wonderful does it look ?
  2. i have played around with some of my photos and given them a vintage tint 
  3. i like old victorian and edwardian photos , so have given some of mine , the aged sepia treatment 

Wednesday, 6 February 2013

vintage crochet mats ,,,

hand dyed with powder pink

dabbed with powder pink for a gentle blush effect 

for years i have collected vintage crochet mats ,,my nana used to sit and make them for my dressing table .i was and always will be a lover of old fashioned ,, everything ,, but my stash of mats was out of hand !! so last November i found some out and played around with them ,, cut some up , put some on my chests of drawers ,, but i knew i had too many ,, 
i decided to dye some in pink and blue and cream ,,and green to spruce them up ,,
And now i have a wonderful pile of flowers and rounds in all shades 
and they now have a new use ,,,,,,,,,,,sewing ,,,crafting ,, embellishing ...............
    all is rosy pink in the mixing bowl

Thursday, 31 January 2013


cushions ,,, I love them ,, my favourites are red velvet ,,silk velvet all squishy and soft ...

but these ones also caught my eye ,,,linen and neutral ,,with a monogrammed design ,,my initial J 
made in france by a lovely lady ,,,and the small one includes french lavender too 
mixed with my lovely vintage lace cloth they add a touch of shabby chic to my room 
must go now and rest with my cup of tea ,,,snuggled with my cushions 

Tuesday, 9 October 2012

my journey out with my vintage bits and bobs

Spitalfields market 6th oct 2012
i had a wonderful day out at the market i set up my stall and without realising i had taken a mix of creams and pinks ,,,
gold and pink china sparkled underneath the bare light bulbs
linens looked fresh and pretty

cakestands stood tall and proud